Digital 26-Key Management System ($2,999.00 or Lease for $99pm* CAD)

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Electronic 26-key Management System with Face recognition, Fingerprint, Pin, and User card access to each key!

Keys are important but keeping them secure and easily accessible, without time-consuming supervision can be a challenge.

At MyCondoLink, our Key Guardian 2500 helps you reduce the risk of theft or loss of time searching for keys. We provide you with an unbelievably affordable system that manages your personal or business keys through an easy plug-and-play solution; saving you the hassle of having to struggle through endless instructions for the installation. Each key you monitor is permanently attached to the key tags.

The Key Guardian 2500 is easy to install, plug and play system with optional cloud application and control.

You can chose to use all or some of the security features such as facial recognition, finger print, RFID or pin.

We also have an extensive range of larger and smaller cabinets to suit your preference – each one promising ease of use and accessibility. To find out more about our $99 per month leasing option (Plus tax and delivery), contact us today!

  • 7" Full-colour, Touch screen
  • Software built inside the Android system
  • Standalone or web version (optional)
  • Report export by USB or email
  • Face recognition, Fingerprint, Pin, and User card access to each key
  • Module replaceable Key Slots
  • Standalone plug & play solution with advanced RFID technology
  • Supports English, Germany, French, Polish, Japanese, Russian
  • Advanced features available through MCL's Aquarius Software